Relaxed Pace Spanish for Adults

Relaxed Pace Spanish for Adults

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Sometimes we aren’t in a rush! This course is a slowed down version of our Intensive Spanish Course. This course is ideal for people who have an interest in learning the language but perhaps struggle with time commitment, or for students who know from their school days that languages are something that they find more challenging than most! If either of the two aforementioned situations describes you, this is probably the course for you. We will get you there slowly but surely!

This course consists of 30 levels. Each level will last approximately 5 weeks, based on an estimated 2 hours/week, we can be flexible on the exact number of hours you study per week but you need to complete a total of 10 hours in order to complete the level, and the hours for this course must be completed within a 10 week period. Once you have completed a level there will be an assessment to see if you’re ready to go on to the next level or whether it’s necessary to repeat the level; at this point it’s also necessary to renew the payment for the next level you will study.

The first 15 levels are basic, the second block of 15 levels are intermediate, and the third block of 15 levels are advanced. Just to clarify the price that appears on the screen is per level (10 hrs) for a 1 on 1 class, group classes are cheaper (Please see out table of prices for further details). If taking class as part of a group and you are unable to attend class at the time scheduled with the group, then unfortunately those hours are lost (It might be possible to join another group of the same level if one exists at a later date, but we cannot guarantee this). If your class is a private class, then provided that you have notified us no later than 3 hours before the time that the class is due to start (your time zone) via email, those hours will simply be rescheduled for a different time and won’t be lost. Failure to notify us of any cancellations or you notify us less than 3 hours before the class is due to start, then the hours programmed for that schedule will be lost.

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  • Sue

    Relaxed Pace Spanish

    Content was excellent, very clear and well presented. The teachers were friendly and helpful but also extremely professional, making the classes fun and enjoyable. I feel I have learned a lot and am looking forward to moving onto the next level.

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