Help with Homework

Help with Homework

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Why struggle by yourself! If you are stuck with your homework and you need a helping hand, (let’s face it most of the time Mum and Dad will be sympathetic and supportive, but practically cannot really help that much), our friendly teacher are here to offer support and guidance. Instead of going it alone without knowing whether you’ve actually doing what the teacher asked you to do, speak to your parents to dig their wallet out and let is help you.

Our teachers will not do your homework for you, but for only £15 per hour will guide you through the things which you may have not fully understood in class but felt uncomfortable about questioning in the normal school/college environment. Our teachers will review and explain clearly, at your pace, elements which you may find difficult or offer additional practice to improve confidence in class.

This ‘course’ isn’t really a course because we are just helping you with what you are asking us to help you with, so we program and charge classes individually. That said, we can be flexible in this aspect, so just let us know what your needs and objectives are, and the timescale which we are working to, and we can create a bespoke course for you which can be purchased as a block of hours (with accompanying discount) rather than scheduling the classes on a day by day basis, which might be a more convenient approach for people who are preparing for an exam for example.

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