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The short version

You pay and we teach you!

Cancellations and Missed Classes

If taking class as part of a group, and you are unable to attend class at the time scheduled with the group, then unfortunately those hours are lost, (It might be possible to join another group of the same level if one exists at a later date, but we cannot guarantee this). If your class is a private class, then provided that you have notified us no later than 3 hours before the time that the class is due to start (your time zone) via email, those hours will simply be rescheduled for a different time and won’t be lost. Failure to notify us of and cancellations or you notify us less than 3 hours before the class is due to start, then the hours programmed for that schedule will be lost.

The Long Version

If you click on the tabs below you will be able to see the full list of terms and conditions with all the technical and legal mumbo jumbo. If you have any questions about any of it please don’t hesitate to get in touch, we like to think that we are pretty nice people, so if you have a petition or question just drop us a line and we are sure we can sort something out.

Spanish 4 You welcomes you to become a Spanish 4 You Member (“Member”) and use the Spanish 4 You Member Service (hereinafter referred to as the Service). Spanish 4 You Website (“Website”) is set up by Spanish 4 You (“Company”). When one registers or starts using the Service, he/she is deemed to have reviewed, understood and agreed with the Terms of Service of the Company (hereinafter referred to as Terms of Service). The Terms of Service is the agreement that governs Member and Company. If one does not agree with the Terms of Service, or the law of his/her country or region excludes all or part of Terms of Service, he/she should immediately stop using the Service. A user/member under 20 years of age must ask his/her parents, legal representative or guardian to review and consent before registering and using the Service. When one uses the Service provided by Spanish 4 You, it is deemed that his/her parents or guardians have reviewed, understand and agree with the Terms of Service.

1. Registration obligation of Member

(a) Member should register his/her correct and complete personal data according to application registration procedures. If his/her personal data changes, Member should update it immediately to maintain accuracy and completeness. If Member registers incorrect information or fraudulently uses others’ names and thus damages or infringes upon the rights of others or violates any laws and regulations, Member shall bear the legal liability.

(b) If Member registers incorrect information or does not update it and thus causes incorrectness of his/her information, the Company has the right to terminate his/her membership and Service.

2. Service of Member

(a) When one completes the registration process with the Company, he/she will be granted membership and may then start using the Service.

(b) When one becomes a Spanish 4 You member and has the right to the Service, both the service and the right to use it are the property of Company. Member must abide by the Terms of Service and should not lease, lend, transfer or assign these rights to any other party.

(c) The Company reserves the right to add, change, or cancel related systems or functions of the Service in whole or in part without informing Member; the current Service and its changes are subject to this Terms of Service.

3. Spanish 4 You Privacy Protection Policy

Registration data and other related information are subject to the “Spanish 4 You Privacy Protection Policy”. Please review the Privacy Policy on the Spanish 4 You website to understand and protect your interests. You agree that your images, sounds and the lesson plans recorded during the sessions can be used by the Company freely for the improvement, promotion and marketing of the related products of Company.

4. Custody of the Member ID and Password

(a) After completing the registration, one will receive an Account Number and Password and one has the obligation to maintain the confidentiality and security of the Account Number and Password and must not disclose them to any third party. One should be responsible for all the actions made under said Account Number and Password. All actions made under Account Number and Password will be deemed his/her own actions.

(b) The Account Number and Password are for personal use only. One should not lease, rent, transfer or assign them to any third party.

(c) If one finds there has been unauthorized use of the Account Number and Password or any other improper activity, one must notify Spanish 4 You immediately for Spanish 4 You to take proper action. The measures taken by Spanish 4 You shall not be construed as the express or implied warranties or liability to him/her. The company will not bear any liability to the illegal use of the Account Number and Password.

(d) One should log out and stop using his/her Account Number and Password every time he/she finishes using the Service in order to prevent unauthorized use.

5. Rights of the Member

Spanish 4 You provides Member non-transferable, non-exclusive, restricted access to use and display the content of the website. When Member starts using the website, he/she must comply with these provisions. The information on this site is for Member’s private and non-commercial use. The specific Service provided by this website can only be used by registered members of Spanish 4 You . When one registers with and purchases the Service provided by Spanish 4 You or uses any free trial service, it is deemed that he/she has agreed with the terms and conditions and provisions as stated on the website.

6. Obligations of Member

(a) Member shall not use the Spanish 4 You Member Service for any commercial or illegal purpose in any way.

(b) Member agrees to receive newsletters, special offers, promotions and other information of Spanish 4 You .

(c) Member shall comply with the Terms of Service and agree to abide by Spanish 4 You ‘s various service regulations, the laws of the United Kingdom and international Internet practices and etiquette, and shall not engage in the following or similar acts?

?1. Stealing, changing, destroying or duplicating the information of others without authorization.

?2. Sending electronic advertisements to others without obtaining their consent or deliberately destroying others’ mailboxes or communication equipment.

?3. Posting messages deemed by Spanish 4 You , at Spanish 4 You ’s sole discretion, to be irrelevant in the forum area.

?4. Spreading computer viruses.

?5. Publishing or transmitting files, words, pictures or any other information or data on Spanish 4 You website that contains defamatory, insulting, threatening, attacking, indecent, obscene or false material violating applicable laws and regulations.

?6. Obtaining, forwarding or displaying material that was not officially released or authorized by the proprietor.

?7. Infringing or intending to infringe upon the reputation, privacy, trade secrets, intellectual property rights or related rights of others.

?8. Collecting email addresses or other personal data of others without obtaining their consent.

?9. Transferring, posting or publishing false or misleading information.

?10. Other acts that may damage or are likely to damage communications or violate the relevant laws or regulations of Spanish 4 You.

(d) The above provisions do not imply that Spanish 4 You has the obligation to review in formality or in substance the information sent, posted or published by Member. Member should be solely responsible for his/her own behavior. If Spanish 4 You is aware of any of the above wrongdoings or if Member is reported by others to have violated the above rules or has/had intent to violate them, Spanish 4 You has the right to remove or delete the content, to terminate or suspend his/her membership and the Service. Spanish 4 You may claim compensation from Member for any and all damages incurred.

(e) The company may decide, with its own discretion, if Member is sending mass emails, advertisements or unauthorized mails through his/her account. If the above is confirmed by Spanish 4 You , Spanish 4 You has the right to terminate the account immediately and claim damages against the account owner.

7. Service Suspended or Interrupted

(a) If one or more of the following situations occur, Spanish 4 You may suspend or interrupt all or part of the Service and will not be responsible for the damage incurred:

?1. The equipment of the Website is removed, replaced or under maintenance.

?2. The Service is discontinued, interrupted, experiences poor network quality caused by incidents not attributable to the fault of the Company.

?3. Spanish 4 You decides, with its own discretion, that it is necessary to suspend or discontinue all or part of the Service.

(b) If Spanish 4 You suspends or interrupts all or part of the Service because the facilities of the Website is removed, replaced or maintained, Spanish 4 You will email or publish a notice to this effect on the Website.

(c) If the user violates the Terms of Service or the laws or if Spanish 4 You suspends or interrupts all or part of the Service for reasons not attributable to the fault of Spanish 4 You , the expense will still be charged in accordance with the standard billing schedule during the period of the suspension or interruption.

(d) The suspension or discontinuance of the Service may cause inconvenience, loss of data or other loss to you. Spanish 4 You will not be responsible for this damage. You should take appropriate protective measures to safeguard your interests.

8. The use of network resources

(a) The Internet is an open network. It is therefore the sole responsibility of each network provider to maintain it. The Company is not responsible for the correctness, integrity, security, reliability, appropriateness, interruption and error of the information acquired by Member, nor will Spanish 4 You be responsible for the speed of data transmitted between user and Spanish 4 You . Spanish 4 You will not be responsible for any direct or indirect damage of Member due to the data transmission speed or use of the information.

(b) Any information acquired from the network is owned by the respective information owner. Member shall comply with the license terms of the owner and the applicable laws otherwise should not use it. User shall use the information at his/her own risk and be solely responsible for any resulting damage.

9. Measures and Restrictions of the Service

(a) Member agrees that Spanish 4 You has the right to set measures and restrictions on the Service, including but not limited to, email storage capacity, restrictions on emails, the frequency and time limit of email messages sent during a specific time period, etc.

(b) Spanish 4 You does not bear any liability if messages are deleted or fail to store. Member should back up important information regularly.

(c) Spanish 4 You may change measures and restrictions at any time for business reasons.

10. Information or Suggestion

The Website may, as a result of malfunction of the system software or hardware of Spanish 4 You and/or contractor, transmit unusable, erroneous or false data from third-parties. One should be particularly cautious when reviewing or using any kind of data, recommendations, analyses, comments or reports. The data does not represent the opinion of Spanish 4 You . Spanish 4 You cannot guarantee its authenticity, integrity or credibility. The data and the links of the Website are strictly for the reference of the user. It is not professional advice. User should make his/her own decision cautiously or consult professional advisers. User must take his/her own risk when making any decision based on the data on this website. Spanish 4 You will not be responsible for decisions made by user.

11. Links to Third Party Websites

If the Website provides any search functionality, it is provided for the convenience of the user to access data quickly. The data accessed by the user is produced by the search engine. It does not mean that Spanish 4 You has any cooperative relations with the search engine company. If you encounter any dispute or damage on the site, please contact the search engine company directly. The Company assumes no responsibility.

12. Advertisement

If the Website posts or publishes any advertisement, text, picture, animation, sound, image or description of any goods or services, they are provided by the advertisers or advertising agents. Spanish 4 You will not review any advertisements made by advertisers or advertising agencies. You should judge the accuracy and credibility of the advertisement by yourself. Spanish 4 You does not provide any guarantee regarding advertisements.

13. Transactions of Goods or Services

If one purchases goods or services through the Website from other vendors, the agreement is entered between the member/user and the vendor, and Spanish 4 You has no responsibility for the transaction. If the goods or services have any defect or if any dispute arises, one should contact the vendor directly. Spanish 4 You assumes no liability. If the goods or services are provided by Spanish 4 You , then the Terms of Service will apply.

14. Content Providers

If the content of the Website is provided by a third party who cooperates with Spanish 4 You , Spanish 4 You will not conduct any substantive review of the third party’s content. You should make prudent judgment on the accuracy and reliability of the content. Spanish 4 You does not provide any guarantee regarding this content. If the content contains any errors, you should contact the provider directly.

15. Warranties Exemption

(a) The Service of Spanish 4 You is provided under the standards of Spanish 4 You to Member. Spanish 4 You does not guarantee that the Service will meet any particular purpose of user.

(b) Spanish 4 You does not warrant the correctness, completeness, safety, reliability, appropriateness, timeliness, stability or accuracy of Service. User agrees to back up all emails, files, and other information. Spanish 4 You will not be responsible for loss of email, file and other data during the transmission.

(c) User bears all responsibility when downloading emails, files and information when using the Service. Spanish 4 You assumes no guarantee or responsibility for any damage to the computer system or loss of data of user.

16. Preserve or Disclose of Member Information

(a) Spanish 4 You will not review the formality or the content of information sent, posted or published by Member (including but not limited to text, images, music, videos, software, data and other information.), nor will Spanish 4 You guarantee its correctness, completeness, safety or reliability. Members should bear their own risk for using information provided by others.

(b) Spanish 4 You reserves the right to preserve or disclose any information sent, posted or published by the member based on the following grounds:

?1. Following the request from the court or prosecutor or a police department for the investigation of a crime.

?2. Following the request from the government authority in accordance with the operation of the laws and regulations.

?3. If the member violates the laws or Terms of Service or related rules of Spanish 4 You .

?4. To safeguard the public interest or to protect the rights of Spanish 4 You or others.

17. Intellectual Property Rights

The software, program and content (including but not limited to the text, instructions, drawings, pictures, graphics, files, page design, site planning and arrangement), patents, copyrights, trademarks, trade secrets, technical expertise and other intellectual property rights used or provided on the Website belong to the Company or its respective owner. User should not reproduce, disseminate, broadcast, exhibit, convert, edit, rent, distribute, reverse engineer, decompile or use it without prior written consent or authorization from the owner. In case of violation, user bears all responsibility for the legal liability and the damage.

18. Special Provisions

The Terms of Service is the general provisions of Service. If there are special requirements of respective services, the special requirements should prevail.

19. Revision and Modification of the Terms of Service

User agrees to be bound by any revisions or modification of the Terms of Service from the date the revision or modification is announced on this Website. The member will not be notified of the revision or modification. If you continue using the Service after the announcement of the revision or modification, you are deemed to have agreed to the revision or modification of the terms.

20. Governing Law and Jurisdiction

(a) The interpretation or application of the Terms of Service is subject to the laws of the United Kingdom.

(b) Any dispute or conflict arising from using the Terms of Service of the member should be resolved following principles of good faith. If litigation is required, it is agreed that the United Kingdom Court has jurisdiction.

Spanish 4 You Statement and Agreement on the collection, processing and use of personal information

This statement and agreement explains how Spanish 4 You collects, processes and uses your personal information. After signing up for classes, you expressly represent that you have reviewed, fully understand and agree with this statement and agreement, that you understand this statement and agreement is in conformity with the Personal Data Protection Act and related laws and regulations, and that you have agreed in writing that Spanish 4 You may collect, process and use your personal information.

1. Spanish 4 You will follow the Personal Data Protection Act and the related laws and regulations to collect, handle and utilize your personal data, to the extent as necessary to provide you with the course information and/or related service and business information, including but not limited to the course service information, gift traded information, Member recordation and verification, advertisement, special activity notice, etc.

2. Category of the personal data: information you have provided, including your name, gender, telephone number, email, address or other information can be used to directly or indirectly verify your identity.

3. Spanish 4 You will only collect the information needed for the aforesaid purposes during the time period the said purposes existed and as ruled under the law, by using the method to achieve the purposes (including but not limited to the computer processing, mail, telephone, fax) within the territory of the United Kingdom and to process and use the information as permitted by the law.

4. You may exercise the following rights with regard to your personal information: (a) any inquiry and request for a review of the personal information; (b) any request to make duplications of the personal information; (c) any request to supplement or correct the personal information; (d) any request to discontinue collection, processing or use of personal information; and (e) any request to delete the personal information.
Spanish 4 You may charge a fee to you to review or make duplications of the personal information. You should comply with the requirements as ruled under the Personal Data Protection Act when exercising the aforesaid rights.

5. While Spanish 4 You collects, processes or uses your personal information based on the above reasons, you may decide whether to provide it or not, however, if you decide not to provide it or provide insufficient information, due to the execution of the law, Spanish 4 You may not be able to provide the information or service you require.

6. Should you have any questions, you may contact Spanish 4 You  on Spanish 4 You website, and we will serve you ASAP.

Personal Data of Member

Spanish 4 You collects personal data from its registered member (“Member”) in order to provide Member with digital learning services. Without prior consent, Spanish 4 You will not disclose, resell or exchange this data with others. Member can always update his/her personal data to terminate the service and can always change or update the information in his/her personal file after logging in to Spanish 4 You’s website.

Spanish 4 You needs some personal information of Member (such as name, email address, actual address, etc.), in order to provide services to Member quickly and conveniently, to improve the service, as well as to better meet Member’s demands.

In addition to personal data, Spanish 4 You may require Member’s resume details (such as occupation, education, age, gender, etc.) to enhance products, services, publicity and marketing effectiveness. Spanish 4 You may use such information for preparing related reports. Such reports will be anonymous and will not contain Member’s personal data. Notwithstanding the above, Spanish 4 You has the right, due to the following situation or circumstances, to disclose Member’s personal data: (i) with the request from judicial investigative authorities to enforce the law or official requirement. (ii) as required by the law to the enforcement of the “Agreement”, “License Agreement” or “Terms of Use”, or (iii) for the protection of the rights of Spanish 4 You or its users or partners.

Safety Level

For improved security all online payments are dealt with through PayPal, please refer to PayPal’s terms and conditions for anything relating to onlline transactions.


Spanish 4 You provides online learning courses at competitive prices. To use any of the services, one must be a member of Spanish 4 You . If Member chooses to pay by credit card, Member must provide credit card information to Spanish 4 You so as to purchase the service. This information is encrypted and stored in Spanish 4 You ‘s secure servers.


Member’s detailed personal information is stored in the computer’s browser or hard disk “cookies”. Spanish 4 You uses cookies to identify Member’s country and language. Cookies do not collect additional information on Member’s computer’s browser or hard disk. Most browsers provide the option to prevent cookies from being stored on Member’s computer, although Member may encounter some inconveniences by doing so when using the service of Spanish 4 You.

IP address and browser version

Spanish 4 You website records both the IP address and browser type of Member, but Spanish 4 You will not link these data with anything to identify Member. In other words, Spanish 4 You will track the use of Member, but Member will remain invisible. The reason Spanish 4 You records this information is to identify Member’s traffic patterns and website usage to help improve the design and layout of the Spanish 4 You webpage.

Other website links

This website contains links to other sites. Please note that www.Spanish4You.co is not responsible for the protection of Member’s privacy on other sites. When leaving Spanish 4 You website, it is recommended that Member refers to and reviews carefully the privacy policies of other websites that collect identifiable personal data. This Privacy Policy applies to the information collected on www.Spanish4You.co only.

Referring Friends

If Member wishes to refer his/her friends or family to join Spanish 4 You or to participate in related activities, Member should provide the email address of the third party. Spanish 4 You will contact the individual and invite them to visit Spanish 4 You website. If the individual becomes a member of Spanish 4 You , Spanish 4 You will record Member as the referring party.

Spanish 4 You reserves the right to make appropriate amendments to Privacy Policy, protective terms and other relevant terms as needed. If Spanish 4 You decides to change the way Spanish 4 You collects, uses or shares the information, Spanish 4 You will take appropriate steps to inform Member by email explaining the reason of the change and will let Member decide if he/she agrees with the way Spanish 4 You uses the data. If Member has any question to the above terms and conditions or the practices, Member should contact Spanish 4 You .


All online transactions with Spanish 4 You are dealt with using PayPal. Please refer to PayPals’s terms and conditions for anything related to online payments.

If Member has any questions regarding the terms and conditions or the practices of Spanish 4 You , Member should contact Spanish 4 You directly.